Serving communities in Canada and Sri Lanka

Your complete management service

You may need building maintenance or clearning. or, you may need full administration of a commercial or tenant-housing property. Can Lanka Property Management provides a full range of services to customers in both Sri Lanka and Canada.


Financial Management

We can save you time and money with our financial management system. We are accountable to owners or management board.

Physical Care

Property maintenance can be a giant headache. With our team of maintenance professional you can rely on quick, cost-effective service.


Property Administration

Whether it’s records, policies, communication or schedules, we keep your operation running smoothly – and your tenants happy.

Parking Manangement

 You can’t underestimate the importance of parking maintenance and lot enforcement as an element to be dealt with swiftly and competently.

Tenant Needs

Your tenant satisfaction is essential. At CanLanka Property Management we strive to solv tenant needs – before they even know to make a request.

Building Security

Safety and security are paramount with CanLanka Property Management. As owners or condo board or tenant you deserve peace of mind.

24/7 Property Service

We can’t predict when a problem will strike. We can, however, assure you quick and professional response to your building’s service needs.

Rule Enforcement

Building standards must be met and tenant performance must be within prescribed boundaries. We know your standards and we take all steps necessary for compliance.